Acorn Internet Services and White Stone Marketing have joined forces to create a new conference for the hospitality industry focused on improving your bottom line. Our mission is to educate those in the hospitality industry on both technical and marketing trends.

Who is Acorn Internet Services, Inc.?

Lisa and Mark Kolb opened, owned and operated their own bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs for 9 years, and during that time, Acorn Internet Services, Inc. was born.  Using their Computer Science degrees and hands-on experience, they found the best way to design, market and put their own inn on the map. In March of 2002, Acorn Internet Services, Inc. was formed to help other innkeepers do the exact same thing. Celebrating over a decade of service to our industry, the Acorn team of experts continues to grow as we support the ongoing requirements of our clients succeeding in today’s online marketplace.

Our Motto:  Educating our Industry One Client at a Time!

Who is White Stone Marketing?

Scott and Allison Crumpton founded the first Internet marketing company in the U.S. for bed and breakfast inns in November of 1994. White Stone Marketing is a strategic design and boutique hotel Internet marketing group – a small, smart, talented team of industry dynamos. By focusing on an exclusive and limited client base, they ensure personal service and market superiority, and provide the methodology and expertise that allow luxury lodging properties to attain their maximum potential. White Stone Marketing specializes in the design and promotion of luxury lodging properties.

Our Motto: Discover the White Stone Marketing Difference!