Headline Speakers at the Hospitality Conference

The Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals has announced the latest headline speakers for the Knowledge Sharing Summit and Marketplace, which will be held April 4- 6, 2016 at the Sheraton Music City in Nashville, TN.

Steve McKee will speak on Power Branding. His talk will center on the “Journalist’s SIx” questions, and the right order to ask them to ensure that you brand your business correctly from the beginning and avoid wasting time, money and frustration. The topics will be, The Why of Power Branding, The Who of Power Branding, The What of Power Branding, The How of Power Branding and The Where and When of Power Branding, followed by time fro questions, Steve is the President of McKEE Wallwork + Company (MWC), an award-winning advertising agency based out of New Mexico, and is the author of two books on branding and growth.

photo 8 paula millerThe title of Paula Miller’s session is “Package! Price! Promote!”. Paula will talk about combining market trends with listening to what your guests are saying, how to package that information, price it correctly and promote it to potential guests. Paula has had a varied and long career in the hospitality industry, including ownership and management of two successful inns. Paula is the lead sales trainer for SMG World and the Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau and a partner with K.E.W. Solutions Inc, as well as a licensed instructor for The Emily Post Etiquette Institute.

Jennier bilbro headshotThe final headline speaker is Jennifer Bilbro. Jennifer is a social media expert and the founder of Pink Bike Networking. Jennifer has years of experience in the hospitality field, as well as the blogger behind Out To Eat With Kids, a nation- wide resource for dining out with children. Jennifer speaks nationally on such topics as Facebook Analytics, Facebook Advertising and Increasing Engagement on Social Media.

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